The sounds of the 1960's, CLOUD NINE, Norwich and Norfolks Finest musicians, Paul Miller, Scott Olley and Ben Wortley

'Cloud Nine' was created in the early 1990's by three guys - Paul Miller, Paul Thomson and Scott Olley. Who all shared the same love of life, music & fun. After months of practice, in Pat & Raymond Olley's living room, they found them selves a drummer, A tight young undiscovered talented percussionist, vocalist & song writer by the name of Jason Atkins.

The band took off very quick and soon had full books for over a year, touring the UK six to seven nights a week at all of the top venues with the occasional European appearance. Their natural musical skills, close four part vocal harmonies and amazing stage presence coupled with their sizzling sex appeal soon saw them having to turn work away due to a lack of any free dates. 

January 1996 saw a change in the line up of Cloud Nine with Paul Thomson and Jason Atkins leaving to pursue solo recording projects with major labels. Bassist Paul Miller, an accomplished vocalist in his own right, having had minor chart success with the 1980's cover band 'Rough Justice', took up the lead vocal. The vacant drum position was filled by internationally renowned and and highly sought after percussionist Gary Clarke . In the years that followed Cloud Nine continued to pick up new work and were kept busy by the very tiring, but enjoyable summer season tours & tribute shows.

Next was January 2000, Another change, Percussion again, with Giovanni Vanzino joining the band. Gio joined Cloud Nine from the Ugly Bug Band, and brought with him an amazing personality and a very strong voice.  Unfortunately due to matters beyond anyone's control Gio was forced to leave the band early in 2003.

With Gio's surprise departure, new drummer Ben Wortley was brought in. Despite Ben's youth he is an experienced musician, performer and session musician with his name on many sleeve notes. Ben has mastered to a high grade such instruments as Piano, Drums, Saxophone & Flute to mention but a few.


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